My first entry

Who am I ?, 13.10.2019


My name is Mia, I am 14 years old and live in Oldenburg. Currently I am in the 9th grade of a catholic high school in Oldenburg. My hobbies are MTB riding, singing, diving and photography. Furthermore, I'm in the school band and singing there. We've also had bigger gigs like the Walk'n'Art Festival.

My 2nd entry

My day , 14.10.2019

What was going on today :)

Today I continued the website, there were some mistakes I had to correct and so on. This has cost me some nerves, but you can see the result now.

About me

My name is Mia G. and I go into the 9th grade and in my spare time I program and do sports and photography (diving, mountain biking).

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